Escape the Rigors of Hard Labor with a Fake Doctors Note

a-female-doctor-2You could be working in a department where the labor is just too overwhelming for your body. You have been enduring the hard work because your boss deems it fit for you to remain there. Since you needed to work, your choice is limited. However, with a fake doctors note you can convince your employer to change the department or make your work your work load lighter.

A fake doctor’s note is a medical excuse that would state you have a certain medical condition which could affect your performance in a certain work. This note may note issued by a doctor because for a doctor to sign it you must be sick.

However, some doctors can still issue you doctors excuses to use for work they decide to bend of the rules of the profession to oblige you. In most cases, fake doctor’s notes are issued by some online companies that design different types of medical notes for users. Create your own fake doctor’s note to get out of work.

The idea of using a fake doctors note to get a change of department or have your work load reduced could be relieving but if you employer gets to know that you are using a fake doctors note, you could be in for a big trouble. You are even more likely to lose your job or be prosecuted for deception. So, think twice before opting to go for a fake doctor’s note. Write a doctor’s excuse to help you get out of work.

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In many organizations, the job people do include moving furniture, unloading boxes, or engaging in strenuous physical activities. If your dream job does not align with any of these but you found yourself in it, get a fake doctors note to convince your employer for a change.

The fake medical excuse should be signed by cardiologist, orthopedic, or even chiropractor as the case may be. An employer who is conscious of the well-being of the employee would approve the note.

To make a fake doctor’s note believable, the essentials must in place. The information about the doctor, the signature of the doctor, the prescription from the doctor, and other details must be accurate. The quality and look of the note must also be professional.

Finally, to make fake doctors note work believable and approved by your employer, download from reputable companies operating online.

2 Believable Alibis That Can Be Used With a Fake Doctors Note

a-team-of-doctors-2For someone that has decided to use a fake doctor’s note, it is important to have an alibi to back strong enough to back up your claim and make your employer believable. A good alibi can easily make your boss give you the green light for missing work.
Some people are not too sure of what excuse or alibi to employ when using a doctor’s note. If you are one of those still on the threshold of decision, you should know that there many alibis to use. However, you should use the alibi that would be peculiar with your case. What works for person may not work for another person.
To get the best from any alibi, you should use sickness with minor symptoms. Infections on the stomach, bleeding in the ear, common cold, and eye infection are good examples. Another factor to consider is that your alibi should have nearly accurate time of treatment after out break. It is rare to see common cold last up to 10 days if not treated. Your alibi may or may not need a treatment but it should be give you some sort of discomfort that would not allow you to work.
Now, here are two alibis you should try out with a fake doctor’s note.
1 – Common cold with food borne illness – This combination is not commonly used but it is a strong alibi that would convince your employer to allow you time off work. This illness can crop up on a person and last up to seven days. You can complain that you had hot and cold flashes, throwing up, and increased heart rate. These symptoms are enough to make someone to stay out of work.
2 – Ear bleed – Yes, many people may not think of this as an alibi but it could be a perfect alibi to use on your fake doctor’s note. Ear bleed is an infection that causes blood to gush out of the ear. It could affect your ability to hear and affects your emotional balance. In some instances, this infection may clear up just after 2 or 3 days.
These two alibis can be used with your fake doctor’s note. One thing they have in common is that you may not need to provide evidence of treatment or because in most cases, they don’t require over-the-counter medication or a doctor’s note.

Tips to Submit a Fake Doctors Notes without Attracting Skepticism

doctor-exame-girlThe rate fake doctor’s notes circulating the Internet are high and employers are getting more skeptical when an employee submits a doctor’s note too often. For many who are planning or who have skipped work without permission, the use of fake doctor’s notes could be the option they see plausible.

A doctor’s note is supposed to convince the employer or school authority that the user is sick and should be excused from work. However, when the employee or student cannot get hold of legit doctors excuses because he is not sick or that he wants to miss work for personal reason, he can resort to fake doctor’s note.

The authenticity of a fake doctor’s note would be doubted unless the user takes to time to ensure that certain giveaways are avoided. The following tips can guide you to submit fake doctor’s note without attracting much skepticism.

  • Ensure that the illness you are using is relevant to the kind of job you do. The illness should one that can affect your performance in the job if not treated. If possible use an illness that your co-workers can attest to.


  • Use an excuse that states the illness originates from the place of work. For instance,  if there are incidences of falls and strained ankle as a result of bad stairway in the work place, this could be used as an excuse because it’s the fault of management they have not fixed stairs. When management accepts its failing, it becomes easier to convince them into accepting excuse notes related to those areas.


  • Using simple but convincing message in the fake doctor’s note. In other words, you just must say enough and not too much. Say what is necessary in simple way instead of using jargons that could attract skepticism from the reader. Using shorter sentences should be preferable than using longer sentences which may cause the message to be overwhelming and lose credibility.


  • Ensure you go for fake doctors notes that look real. A typical medical excuse note often comes with professional letterhead. You must get a note with letterhead and if possible, the letterhead should be related to unit of the hospital like dental, orthopedics, OB/GYN, or Emergency rooms, etc. More so, all relevant information like the address, phone number, logo, and font on the note should lend to its authenticity.

So, if you follow these tips when creating and submitting fake doctor’s note you are more likely escape skepticism from the employer.

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DOs and DON’Ts When Turning In Fake Doctor Slips At Work

a-female-doctor-2At some point or another during one’s school and professional life there has to be the need for doctors notes or forms. It is an “in thing” to be able to issue a fake doctor’s excuse at school and get away with it. They were less planned during my schooldays. All I used was a form, with any doctor’s office title and address as the header. Then I photocopied that form onto a clean piece of paper only allowing the doctor’s credentials and address to remain. Now that I am all grown up, I realized the biggest blunder I made was copying the name and address of an actual doctor’s office with phone number.

In essence, if our school superiors were to double check the information, they would have contacted an actual doctor who didn’t even knew I existed. As an adult, these fake excuses can land you in big trouble if not organized properly. Nowadays, there are professional fake doctor slips templates online, that can guide you. In addition, there free online guides, if you are unwilling to purchase a professional template. I will do my best to identify some of the various things I have encountered regarding fake doctors’ notes and things you should do and other you should avoid to make this work seamlessly for you.

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As far as fake doctor’s notes go in school, it is usually easy to get away with this, so I will not go in depth about them as such. Parents signatures and fake doctors signatures on a professionally arranged paper, usually will carry any student all the way. For people who work, like myself, more thought has to be given to these situations. You have to figure out if it is worth it, and cover ever basis possible to avoid getting reprimanded (or loosing the only job you have).

The best fake doctor’s note works without a glitch whenever Dr. So and So is going along with your plan. In cases like these, I didn’t have to resort to online templates or free fake reports. These can sometime become overused and employers might get accustomed to seeing a few of the online versions. Getting an actual doctor to write something up for you might cost you a few dollars, so make sure the situation is 100% worth it.

Try to keep the medical issue moderate. In other words, don’t go too extreme with your condition. You doctor will warn of the possible repercussions and warn against it also. Usually the doctor has to be one of your extremely close friends to write up one of these fake forms for you. So, to tell your employer that you are suffering from something major. when that isn’t the case can leave the doctor in hot water if anything should hit the fan.

Finally, when balancing fake doctor’s note and time off work, if you are supposed to be injured and or immobile, avoid vacationing anywhere within a 100mile radius of where you live. It would be even better to leave the country. I have seen occasions where friends who turn in doctor note being sick or injured, end up reuniting with the boss or someone close to the boss at a hotel or other areas of recreation.