DOs and DON’Ts When Turning In Fake Doctor Slips At Work

a-female-doctor-2At some point or another during one’s school and professional life there has to be the need for doctors notes or forms. It is an “in thing” to be able to issue a fake doctor’s excuse at school and get away with it. They were less planned during my schooldays. All I used was a form, with any doctor’s office title and address as the header. Then I photocopied that form onto a clean piece of paper only allowing the doctor’s credentials and address to remain. Now that I am all grown up, I realized the biggest blunder I made was copying the name and address of an actual doctor’s office with phone number.

In essence, if our school superiors were to double check the information, they would have contacted an actual doctor who didn’t even knew I existed. As an adult, these fake excuses can land you in big trouble if not organized properly. Nowadays, there are professional fake doctor slips templates online, that can guide you. In addition, there free online guides, if you are unwilling to purchase a professional template. I will do my best to identify some of the various things I have encountered regarding fake doctors’ notes and things you should do and other you should avoid to make this work seamlessly for you.

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As far as fake doctor’s notes go in school, it is usually easy to get away with this, so I will not go in depth about them as such. Parents signatures and fake doctors signatures on a professionally arranged paper, usually will carry any student all the way. For people who work, like myself, more thought has to be given to these situations. You have to figure out if it is worth it, and cover ever basis possible to avoid getting reprimanded (or loosing the only job you have).

The best fake doctor’s note works without a glitch whenever Dr. So and So is going along with your plan. In cases like these, I didn’t have to resort to online templates or free fake reports. These can sometime become overused and employers might get accustomed to seeing a few of the online versions. Getting an actual doctor to write something up for you might cost you a few dollars, so make sure the situation is 100% worth it.

Try to keep the medical issue moderate. In other words, don’t go too extreme with your condition. You doctor will warn of the possible repercussions and warn against it also. Usually the doctor has to be one of your extremely close friends to write up one of these fake forms for you. So, to tell your employer that you are suffering from something major. when that isn’t the case can leave the doctor in hot water if anything should hit the fan.

Finally, when balancing fake doctor’s note and time off work, if you are supposed to be injured and or immobile, avoid vacationing anywhere within a 100mile radius of where you live. It would be even better to leave the country. I have seen occasions where friends who turn in doctor note being sick or injured, end up reuniting with the boss or someone close to the boss at a hotel or other areas of recreation.