Tips to Submit a Fake Doctors Notes without Attracting Skepticism

doctor-exame-girlThe rate fake doctor’s notes circulating the Internet are high and employers are getting more skeptical when an employee submits a doctor’s note too often. For many who are planning or who have skipped work without permission, the use of fake doctor’s notes could be the option they see plausible.

A doctor’s note is supposed to convince the employer or school authority that the user is sick and should be excused from work. However, when the employee or student cannot get hold of legit doctors excuses because he is not sick or that he wants to miss work for personal reason, he can resort to fake doctor’s note.

The authenticity of a fake doctor’s note would be doubted unless the user takes to time to ensure that certain giveaways are avoided. The following tips can guide you to submit fake doctor’s note without attracting much skepticism.

  • Ensure that the illness you are using is relevant to the kind of job you do. The illness should one that can affect your performance in the job if not treated. If possible use an illness that your co-workers can attest to.


  • Use an excuse that states the illness originates from the place of work. For instance,  if there are incidences of falls and strained ankle as a result of bad stairway in the work place, this could be used as an excuse because it’s the fault of management they have not fixed stairs. When management accepts its failing, it becomes easier to convince them into accepting excuse notes related to those areas.


  • Using simple but convincing message in the fake doctor’s note. In other words, you just must say enough and not too much. Say what is necessary in simple way instead of using jargons that could attract skepticism from the reader. Using shorter sentences should be preferable than using longer sentences which may cause the message to be overwhelming and lose credibility.


  • Ensure you go for fake doctors notes that look real. A typical medical excuse note often comes with professional letterhead. You must get a note with letterhead and if possible, the letterhead should be related to unit of the hospital like dental, orthopedics, OB/GYN, or Emergency rooms, etc. More so, all relevant information like the address, phone number, logo, and font on the note should lend to its authenticity.

So, if you follow these tips when creating and submitting fake doctor’s note you are more likely escape skepticism from the employer.